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Existence Artistique on Upton House View

Devi on Upton House View
Beautiful...i love that sky.....................

Existence Artistique on Silhouettes And Shadows
bel effet

Devi on Silhouettes And Shadows
Beautiful:) Have a nice weekend Jules :)

Ana Lúcia on Silhouettes And Shadows
I love the B/W treatment.

Existence Artistique on Sunlight & Sparkles
oh génial la forme

Devi on Sunlight & Sparkles
Beautiful.. and the moss covered branch. a green crocodile with a short lower jaw :)

STEED on Shadows
What an original shot !!!!! Well done,and Congrat's,Jules .....

JackyB on Shadows
Beautiful portait and light Congrats

Amadeus on Shadows
fantsstic impact

Existence Artistique on River Lambourn iv

Joyce on River Lambourn iv
The revealed land is often rather untidy, the first days of spring, like us when we awaken rumpled from sleep. That ...

Devi on River Lambourn iv
Beautiful image..Great reflection :)

k@ on Shadows
Stripes of light and beauty, bravo Jules !

Alun on River Lambourn iii
Great shot, love the light

Annierita & Annisabelle on Shadows
So good a portrait ! Congrats ! Annierita

Existence Artistique on River Lambourn iii

Devi on River Lambourn iii
wow !!! This is fabulous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Rawluk on River Lambourn ii
That is a lovely shot.

Michael Rawluk on Shadows
A wonderful portrait.

AMIR BABA on Shadows

Ehsan Hemmati on Shadows
It is such a great portrait. Congratulations!

omid on Shadows ii
L O V E L Y !!!!

omid on Shadows
& Congratulations! :)

Babzy on Shadows

Existence Artistique on River Lambourn ii

Devi on River Lambourn ii
Beautiful...enchanting :))))

Dimitrios on Shadows

Alun on River Lambourn ii
Very good image, very nice feel

ceteceva on Shadows ii
Effet zébré très réussi !

ceteceva on Shadows
Congratulations on your spotlight !

Michael Skorulski on River Lambourn ii

Mireille T. on Shadows
Congratulations! Spectacular portrait!

Jeff & Pat on Shadows ii
This is special !!, as I think the young lady is to you . . .

Devi on Shadows ii
Lovely portrait..Gethin ?

Existence Artistique on Shadows ii
c'est une intéressante idée et bien réalisée

Michael Skorulski on Shadows ii
A cute portrait.

omid on Shadows
such beautiful lights & shadows! Lovely!

MAU on Shadows
Un retrato original. Me gustan las luces y sombras que has conseguido.

Existence Artistique on Shadows
bon travail

Joyce on Long Shadows
Love the long shadows and walking into the light images. End or beginning of day, quiet.

Joyce on Shadows
Nice moody capture Jules, the feminine masque. Yet a sharp play of light on the subject.

Devi on Shadows
lovely streaks of shadows !!!

Alun on Shadows
Very nice, love the light. Cracking shot

Olivier P on Shadows
Great portrait ! Love this catch ! well done !

Michael Skorulski on Shadows
A lovely and original portrait.

Devi on Long Shadows
Lovely...late evening:))))

Existence Artistique on Long Shadows
belle lumière

Anne on Long Shadows
Nice light.

Jeff & Pat on River Lambourn
Lost a few bob at Lambourn races ( many years ago ) should have sat by the river and enjoyed the view instead, cracking ...

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